Visiting One White Tree

We enjoy having visitors aboard One White Tree. Our friends and family have a standing invitation to come and stay with us.

Now, this invitation doesn’t come without conditions. Given the nature of sailing it isn’t always possible to determine a place together with a time, where we can meet those of you who want to come sailing with us. Please understand, it isn’t that we secretly don’t like you or that we really would rather you didn’t come. We’re not trying to make your life difficult. We do want you to come and stay with us on the boat. However, we’re subject to delays due to mechanical failures requiring repair and of course the nature of how we live and travel puts us at the mercy of the weather. We will not ever knowingly put ourselves or One White Tree in jeopardy to make a deadline.

So, you want to come for a visit? Excellent! We’ll give you a place or a time but we won’t give you both! What? So how does that work? What that means for you, our visitors, is one of two things. Be prepared to purchase plane fares close to your departure date, once you know for sure we have arrived at our agreed upon rendezvous. Or, be prepared to find accommodation at the last minute until we arrive and you join us on the boat. Our plan will always be that we will arrive before you do but, we will not put aside our own safety and the safety of the boat to do so.

Now, that you know we really do want you to come, and we have the above all sorted out, here’s a few things that you might like to know about staying on the boat with us.

On The Boat

There are certain legal responsibilities held by the captain of any ship. One White Tree is no exception. The captain is responsible for the safe operation of the ship and the safety of all those onboard. This applies primarily when we are underway but, everyone onboard needs to cooperate with the captain for the safety all involved. Never question the Captain’s judgment!

Packing for Your Stay

Storage and space on the boat is always at a premium. When packing for your visit, please pack soft-sided duffle bag-style luggage that can be easily rolled or folded to fit in a locker or laid flat and stored under the mattress in your cabin.

Depending on our location, we do have internet access from the boat. If you are not looking to escape completely from the outside world, check with us on internet availability and bring your laptop accordingly.

Please wear only non-marking sole shoes on the boat. Often light-soled running shoes are fine. As much as possible, remove your shoes as soon as you board and before entering the salon. If you’re like us, you’ll end up in your bare feet most of the time anyway!

Here is a list of some things you might not want to forget:

  • Your passport!
  • Sunscreen – the sun is hotter where we are and you will burn if you’re not careful!
  • Sunglasses and a string to save them from falling overboard
  • A hat and a way to prevent it from blowing off your head while we’re under way
  • Seasickness medication – there are various forms of this. You can choose which one you think will suit you best. Here are a few options - Scopalomine Transderm patch, Sturgeron, pressure point bracelets.
  • Your own mask and snorkel if you have them and can fit them in your luggage
  • Weather appropriate clothing and perhaps one nice outfit to wear in the event we go to a nice place ashore to eat – You may want to look into the culture of the country where you are visiting just to be sure that you have something appropriate to wear in-country. What’s appropriate on the boat may not be culturally appropriate ashore.
  • Your own medications in their original prescription bottles

If you are coming to do a longer off-shore passage with us, we will discuss some other things you may need to bring.

What Not to Bring?

Do not even consider bringing any illegal substances aboard. If caught, we would all end up in jail in a foreign country and in a very unhappy legal situation. One White Tree could also be confiscated and we would lose our home.

The Head

Not a favourite topic of discussion but it is a very important part of your stay! A head on a boat is different from a toilet on land. The first thing to note is that nothing but human waste goes into the head. This means that no toilet paper or feminine product is to be put down the head. By placing paper into the head, you may cause your host to have to spend many hours repairing a block thus greatly diminishing his enjoyment of your visit! As noted above, a head on a boat is different from a toilet on land. We’ll instruct you on all the ‘head-how-to’s’ when you arrive!

Latches on Lockers and Doors

Please notice that all of the doors on the boat have a latch. The door to the cockpit has a latch, the door to the head has a latch, the door to your cabin has a latch, the lockers in each cabin have latches, the drawers and lockers in the galley have latches. The latch will either be a push-button or a hook and eye. Please use these latches and secure all doors and lockers. This prevents them from swinging and banging with the motion of the boat, secures the items inside from falling out and prevents injury to the people on the boat.

Boarding Other Boats

Never board any boat without permission. Should you wish to board a boat or get the people’s attention, call out "Áhoy!" followed by the name of the boat. If you do not get a response try it again. This is like ringing the doorbell. Under no circumstances do you board a boat without permission.

Whenever possible, always remove your shoes before boarding any boat.


We will go through a safety briefing once you have boarded and settled in.

The Guest Book

You’re not allowed to leave until you have signed the guest book! Since we’re on a kind of permanent vacation, we tend to forget to ask people to do this. Please remind us! We want your comments and a reminder of your stay.